donderdag 2 oktober 2014

'Sign of the times' Agenda 2015 available now!

Sign of the times! Agenda 2015 available now!

This is my first agenda that came out. This agenda has been drawn up in an uncluttered style providing a lot of space for personal annotations and scribbles. Each month is accompanied by drawings, pictures and anecdotes; they tell stories about things that are part of our daily life.
This agenda is printed in black on creamy 90 grams paper (FSC certified paper), very pleasant to write on. It’s a planner and notebook in one.
English, 21x 14,8 cm, 148 pages, shiny cover

Price: € 18 (not incl. ship.)

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No Paypal ? Orders can be payed by bank transfer. 

Simply drop me an e-mail: along with amount. Don't forget to include your full name and shipping address. You will receive an email confirmation along with the payment details.

The order will be shipped as soon as we've received the payment.

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